Peeling the X-ray banana!

We got observing time for a total of 17ks to be conducted 
on the XMM satellite (proj. id: 092132). 
The observations will be focused on an extended, irregular-shaped, X-ray diffuse emission 
("X-ray banana") that we serendipitously discovered in the ROSAT all-sky survey.
The collected data are aimed to disentangle the nature of such a mysterious X-ray source, that may correspond to a relatively nearby unvirialized large-scale structure, by measuring its redshift, isolating  its morphological components, and unveil its emission mechanisms.

GOThA goes to Australia!  

We got observing time for two observational campaigns
to be conducted on the ATCA (Australia Telescope Compact Array). 
They aim at producing a radio 2.1 GHz survey (proj. id: C3495) with follow-ups in other radio bands (proj. id: C3502), competitive with SKAO pathfinders as to sensitivity and area, 
in fields with rich ancillary multi-band information.

GOThA kick-off meeting!

An epic pool party on August 24th 2022 in Bologna 

to celebrate the official birth of the GOThA.